Community visualization challenges and their educational inspiration (talk summary)

Summarizing the things I love about and learned from data visualization challenges as part of a talk I gave at the Israeli …

R vs Python — Live Stream Analysis

Using both R and Python we answer various questions about the Dog of Zurich dataset. Try it yourself and get some hands-on data …

Reviewing an SQL interview question

Solving an SQL interview question using three different approaches.

Distances to Golda Ice-Cream Locations in Israel

Exploring maps and distances to various Golda ice-cream locations throughout Israel

Automatic Rendering of a Plot with GitHub Actions

a light introduction to GitHub Actions for automating a plot of frequently used R packages.

My year in R

Looking back at my year of learning R

Survey categorical variables with KableExtra

Aestheticaly printing descriptive variables from your survey data

Defining uncertainty in the Israeli lottery

Exploring the probability of winning the lottery at and by a given trial with the Geometric distribution

Learning Tfidf with Political Theorists

Learning tf-idf through political theorists.

Hosting interactive graphs online

A walk through for sharing your interactive visualizations on GitHub Pages